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Analytics & Innovation

Analytics as a key tool and Innovation as a culture

At ExpertSource we live by this principle. Customer interactions generate a wealth of intelligence that needs to be harnessed and mined for products, services and ultimately revenue transformation.

Disposition reports & analytics
Demographic Analysis
Trend Analysis
Root Cause Analysis

We partner with various technology companies like Dynamic CRM & Advanced Social Media Management software and also have proprietary in house technology & CRM capabilities.

These technology tools and analytics enable Innovation both in transactions & strategy -

Unified CRM tools for reduced handle times and increase customer satisfaction scores, increased FTR
Predictive Dialogue & Predictive Customer Engagement for reduced cost to serve and increased customer satisfaction
Six sigma LEAN & DMAIC projects for process improvement
Training Re-Engineering based on analytics of type of complaints
Advanced analytics lead to inputs for Process, Product, and Service Improvement
Institutionalize through Continuous Feedback Mechanism for on going benefits