Our Differentiators

Our difference – instead of being just a vendor, we become a part of our client’s business through strategic partnerships.

Our experience, knowledge, domain expertise and strong processes are the key factors that instil the sense of confidence that our clients have in us.

Our clients have described us as highly flexible and responsive.

Subject Matter Expertise

At ExpertSource our basic philosophy is to invest and build subject matter expertise in each building block of Service Delivery.

Appointing professionals in each function who are proficient in their respective fields of specialization is at the core of building this subject matter expertise.

Augmenting this foundation with appropriate tools and technologies coupled with ongoing skill development is the key to successful consistent service delivery.

Subject Matter Expertise

Migration Expertise

Formulation of Process Transition Strategy

Rigorous Project Management

Knowledge transfer mapping – Train the trainer scheduling

Creation of accurate job description documentation

Toll Gate/ Milestone reviews

Human Resource Management

Robust and effective selection process as per well defined job descriptions

Diverse Hiring Strategies: Internal & External

Three stage scientifically mapped recruitment process

Evolved Employee Engagement Process

Training for Excellence

New Hire Training Advanced Accent Neutralization, Voice & Accent Modules, Skill Training

On The Job Training & Continuous Need Based Training (CNBT)

Advanced Methodologies: Advanced tools, proprietary interactive methods, role plays

Multi-stage certification process

Learning & Development for competency based career pathing

Core Operations

Real-time Performance Management Agent-wise & transaction-wise, Key Performance Indicators – KPI Management

Advanced Scheduling & Workforce Management tools

Evolved Dialer Management Expertise

 Reporting & MIS: Live Dashboards & real-time reporting tools

Quality Assurance

Dedicated & Qualified Quality Monitoring Teams

Six Sigma Greenbelt, Blackbelt certified supervisory personnel

Advanced Online QMS Tool

Evolved Calibration process Gauge R&R & Measurement

System Analysis

Technology & Information Security

Best in class core voice platform, network infrastructure & systems

Infrastructure with redundant power backup and redundant uninterrupted power supply systems

Network Operations Center with highly skilled manpower staffed 24/7

ISO Compliant & PCI Certified


Quality Framework

Our Corporate Quality framework encompasses each building block of service delivery. The six sigma culture, process & methodologies in practice ensure repeatability & reproducibility of results.


  • Business Process Management Systems
  • Creation of Standard operating procedures
  • Documentation & Mapping of key processes
  • Process improvement & re-structuring

Transactional Quality

  • Quality monitoring team consists of professionals in field of Quality
  • Rigorous call / transaction monitoring and feedback mechanism
  • Advanced Online QMS Tool
  • Evolved Calibration brocess: Gauge R&R & Measurement System Analysis
  • Agent incentive programs strictly regulated by Quality scores

Audits & Compliance

  • Adherence to Relevant Industry Compliance Standards – FDCPA (USA) & FCA (UK)
  • Check conformance to policies & procedures
  • Ongoing Training & Certifications
  • Regular Internal & External Audit Reviews

Six Sigma in Practice

  • Structured Training on Process Improvement – DMAIC
  • Green Belt / Yellow Belt certifications
  • On going LEAN, DMAIC Quick win projects across functions

Analytics as a key tool and Innovation as a culture

At ExpertSource we live by this principle. Customer interactions generate a wealth of intelligence that needs to be harnessed and mined for products, services and ultimately revenue transformation.

Disposition reports & analytics

Demographic Analysis

Trend Analysis

Root Cause Analysis

We partner with various technology companies like Dynamic CRM & Advanced Social Media Management software and also have proprietary in house technology & CRM capabilities.

These technology tools and analytics enable Innovation both in transactions & strategy –

Unified CRM tools for reduced handle times and increase customer satisfaction scores, increased FTR

Predictive Dialogue & Predictive Customer Engagement for reduced cost to serve and increased customer satisfaction

Six Sigma LEAN & DMAIC projects for process improvement

Training Re-Engineering based on analytics of type of complaints

Advanced analytics lead to inputs for Process, Product, and Service Improvement


Institutionalize through Continuous Feedback Mechanism for on going benefits

Best Shoring

With our direct & partner Onshore, Offshore and Nearshore presence we are able to deliver a unique “Best Shoring” proposition.

We are able to provide seamless services 24/7 and time of day service level achievement by benefitting from “Follow the Sun” strategy.

Through the seamlessly integrated teams & unified account management our clients benefit from best of Onshore, Offshore & Nearshore advantages.

On Shore

  • Onshore convenience
  • No Accent & Brand Perception barrier
  • Account management comfort.

Off Shore & Near Shore

  • Highly cost-effective environment
  • 24/7 coverage
  • Skilled & Abundant resource pool.

Blended Operations

All of the above plus:

  • Disaster recovery
  • Blended pricing
  • Improved Gross & Net returns. 

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