Customer Lifecycle Solutions

As an experienced, global outsourcing solutions provider, ExpertSource understands and embraces the expanding role of the contact center. We offer a wide range of customer management and support services for a variety of industries.

EXPERT acquire

Best in class compliant practices & industry certifications

Focus on maximizing Life Time Value (LTV) of customers


100% outcome based pricing models & risk-reward models offered

Strategic alignment with leading database providers across the US market

Effective use of data analytics to achieve client goals: minimum cost per acquisition & maximum LTV

Customer Acquisition

Outsourcing Partnerships are shifting from being just bottom line centric to top line centric. We partner with clients across the globe in various industries to increase & monetize their customer base effectively.

Affiliate & Affinity Marketing partnerships to significantly agument avenues of acquisition and monetization of exisiting client base.


Live transfer and conference capabilities

Low cost survey campaigns for effective lead generation


 Achieve best in class consistent sales conversion percentages

Effective workforce management for ideal handle rates and occupancy rates ratio

Outbound Sales

Advanced Dialer management capabilities

Effective contact & conversion strategies









Customer Engagement

Customer engagement is at the core of any brand and service, we offer comprehensive range of services & solutions powered by advanced proprietary technology & Dynamic CRM solutions across multiple channels of communication. We partner with technology software companies to deliver true value to our clients in form of increased customer satisfaction scores, increased first time resolution rates and reduced cost per transaction.
EXPERT Collect

Accounts Receivables Management

ExpertSource offers end to end Accounts Receivable Management Services including First party & Third Party collections. We have expertise in serving diverse portfolios and industry sectors ranging from Healthcare, Bank Card, Telecom to Purchased Receivables. In association with our US onshore Agency partners we provide a unique “Best-Shoring” service offering which blends the finest resources from both locations combining on-shore and off-shore skills, value and expertise to perform as a single cohesive unit that optimizes our client’s portfolio penetration, providing the best possible net returns.

Our information security systems, policies & procedures meet the highest industry standards of ISO 27001 & PCI. Our collectors are fully trained and certified on FDCPA, TCPA & HIPAA compliances.


First Party

ExpertSource offers superlative First Party Collection services & expertise to meet the…

Third Party

ExpertSource is a full resolution collection agency, determined to pursue the collection of each…

Skip Trace

Research has shown that as many as 35 percent of delinquent debtors move each…

1st Party Collections

ExpertSource offers superlative First Party Collection services & expertise to meet the needs of our clients. The first party collection approach is conducted with ExpertSource operating as an extension of our client’s internal collection unit, and our specialists i.e. collection agents would conduct all outbound and inbound communications in the name of the client.

We have global exposure and experience and have been applauded for managing a variety of first party collection service programs. These programs have been conducted on a contingency basis (fees paid on a fixed percentage of total balance recovered), full time employee (FTE) basis (payment is made on a per seat basis), or on a pay per cure basis (payment provided for each account brought back to a current status).

Our experts working on first party portfolios are veterans who are professionals trained to handle accounts in the manner most appropriate for each client.

First Payment Defaults

Returned Mail Accounts

Single Payment Defaults

Billing Issues or Acceleration

Paid Past Due

3rd Party Collections

ExpertSource is a full resolution collection agency, determined to pursue the collection of each account placed until it is either fully resolved or until all means to skip trace the account have been exhausted. We have been dubbed as The Industry’s Most Preferred Partner in the Third Party Collections business. We owe this to our brilliant collection connoisseurs who have positioned us in a League that has seen us surpass all our competitors.

Our authority in this field is clearly reflected in our client testimonials. Our collection strategy is to work all accounts with no regard for size of account. Expertsource engages in dynamic and lawful collection activity on all referred accounts to obtain the outstanding balance due on the debt, establish an acceptable repayment schedule, or enter into payment terms acceptable to all parties involved. The efficiency and sophistication of our strategies, our state-of-the-art technology / software and our well-trained collection staff who are certified in FDCPA, TCPA laws & HIPAA compliances provide an edge that results in increased returns for our clients.


Our third party collections process is backed by following services:

Claims handling with compliance

Skip Tracing

Customized Collection Letters

Credit Reporting

Telephonic Interaction

Data Scrubbing & Scoring

Taxation & Accounting

Accounting services for US Markets

Bookkeeping services


Financial Analysis & Reporting

Payroll processing

Tax preparation & Filing for Corporations and Individuals

(1120, 1120S, 1065 RETURNS AND FORM 1040)

Quality Management system

Easy Evaluation Sheet template builder


Level based access for Quality Evaluators, Team Leads, Agents & Clients



Historical comprehensive reports & analytics: Agent-wise & Process-wise

Calibration : Create Live Calibration Sessions


Administrator rights for project built & customization

Reporting & Analytics Overview


ABC Stratification

Agent-wise defect report

Historic performance report


Parameter-wise defect report 

Training Need Identification 

Process Re-engineering


Pareto Analysis 

Trend Analysis

Time & Motion Study

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